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How much money do you need to live comfortably in Canada? Cost of living in Canada for a couple? What is a good salary to live comfortably in Canada? How much does an average person need to live in Canada?

All these are common questions from new or intending immigrants to Canada.

And this article is going to provide an answer to all of these questions once and for all.

It is no news that the Canadian Immigration System is one of the best. It has been ranked by the United Nations as Number 1 in quality of life and also the most immigration-friendly country. Its anti-discrimination policy is second to none globally. 

Immigrants worldwide are welcomed to Canada annually, a land with unlimited opportunities and potential.

With a strong economy and a culturally diverse population, we can’t deny that so many foreign citizens have reaped the benefits of immigrating to Canada.


Canada offers many opportunities; it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful countries in the world, which is open to everyone from all over the world, but can everyone afford to live there?


To move to Canada, you must be coming on a study or work visa and have a valid passport. Regardless of your reason for applying, you must show proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses for the first year of your stay This is why you must provide a sponsor or enough funds before you are allowed to enter the country so that you don’t become a burden on the system.

Compared to US living costs, Canada’s cost of living is affordable. 

For new, prospective immigrants with questions, worries, and fears about how to survive in Canada, or how to live comfortably in Canada, and how much money is needed to live comfortably in Canada. We will share how much money you need to live comfortably in Canada.


As a result of abundant job vacancies in Canada over the years, millions, if not hundreds of thousands, of immigrants have moved to the country.

The ability to get a job in Canada means that you can live comfortably there, though

Living comfortably in Canada means being able to pay your rent and bills and whatever else you might need.


Not everyone lives comfortably in Canada. Living comfortably depends on your income, where you reside, the lifestyle you aspire to, and for family members living together, the number of people in the family.


On average, a Canadian living alone spends CAD 2,711 per month on living costs, while for a family of four, you spend CAD 5,200. When comparing the living cost in Canada versus the United States, Canada is less expensive but more expensive than the United Kingdom. According to World Population Review, Canada ranks 28th among the countries where one lives the cheapest.

The Average living expenses in Canada will be divided into expense and cost monthly 


  1. Rent City – $1,326.79 CAD 
  2. Rent Outside of City – CAD 1,116.62
  3. Food – $1,158 CAD
  4. Transportation (Public – One Way) – CAD 3.25
  5. Transportation (Public – Monthly) – $91 CAD
  6. Gasoline per Liter – $1.12 CAD
  7. Utilities (Water, Electricity, Heating & Garbage) – $164.64 CAD
  8. Utilities (Internet 60mbps or More, Unlimited Data Cable or ADSL) – CAD 78.82
  9. Sports & Leisure (Fitness Club) – $50.99 CAD
  10. Child Care (Private Preschool) – $990.4 CAD
  11. Child Care Primary School Monthly – CAD 1179.50


Cost of living in Canada for a couple?

According to the Canadian Bureau of Statistics, the average monthly cost of living in Canada in 2021 was approximately CAD 3,500 for a couple.

For Instance, if you’re making around CAD 50,000 per year for each person, then you’ll be making around CAD 3,500 per month after all the deductions, for each person.

Even if only one member of the family works, you will be able live comfortably in Canada, but it’s unlikely that you will save any money.

If both partners are employed, you both can live comfortably and save some cash.

It doesn’t matter how much it costs an individual. What matters is what you will earn from your earnings after all deductions.

Things will be difficult for new immigrants just starting out living on a low(near-minimum wage ~ $ 15/h) income.

It may take some time for improvements. However, once you qualify for a job paying at least 1.5 times the minimum wage you will start noticing significant improvements.

Location also matters a lot. If you live in Toronto, Vancouver, you may pay twice as much for rent as in a smaller, less urbanized city.

Housing prices in the Maritimes and prairies are cheaper than elsewhere, but there is a lack of jobs.

You should choose a location first and then use online resources to determine your likely monthly living expenses. It also depends on how much credit card debt you may have and whether you’re living frugally.

What is a good salary to live comfortably in Canada?

The Canadian average wage has been rising for the past few years, but it’s still not enough to cover all of your expenses. To save money and have some extra cash on hand, you need to earn more than $45,000 per year. That’s according to a recent survey by that found that Canadians are earning an average of $53,859 per year.

However, this figure does not include overtime wages, which can add up quickly. For example, the average hourly rate for salaried workers is CAD 22.27. This means that most people who work full time would make about $55,000 per year.

In addition, many people don’t realize that they are entitled to benefits such as health insurance, dental care, vision care, life insurance, disability insurance, etc. These benefits can add another $2,000 to $6,000 per year. So, even though the average Canadian earns $53,859, the real number is closer to $60,000.

If you want to move to Canada, you should aim to earn between $50,000 and $70,000 per year. You should also consider moving to a bigger city where housing and other amenities are more affordable.


How much does an average person need to live in Canada?

The answer is surprisingly simple. you have to consider what you want to do with your life, and how long you plan to stay here.

For young professionals who want to work for the next 30 years of their career, then you can probably afford to live in Toronto or Vancouver without having to worry about money.

But if you have kids, are planning to retire early, or want to travel around the world, then you might want to look into different options.

There are plenty of cities in Canada where you can find cheap accommodation and great food. In fact, you could easily spend half of your income on food alone!

But if you want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, then you’ll need to earn more than the national average.

According to Statistics Canada, the median household income in Canada was $68,934 in 2016. The average cost of living is around $1,746 per month.

This includes everything from groceries to utilities, transportation costs, entertainment, clothing, and so on.

To put these numbers into perspective, let’s say you want to live comfortably in Canada. A single person needs at least $3,500 per month to cover their basic expenses.

A couple needs at least $5,200 per month. And a family of four requires at least $7,800 per month.

How much will I need to live in Canada after taxes?

After paying federal and provincial/territorial tax rates, the amount of money you actually take home each month will be significantly less.

For instance, if you earn $50,000 per year, you’ll only end up taking home $42,000 after taxes.

That means you’ll need $10,000 more per year to cover your monthly expenses.

There are lots of factors that affect your ability to save money. If you’re married, have children, or are retired, then you may be able to save more.

However, if you’re still working, saving money isn’t easy. Many companies offer low-interest loans to new employees, but it’s hard to know whether you want to live comfortably, you’ll need at least $15,000 per year.

What if I earn less than $50,000 per annum?

If you earn less than $50k per year, you won’t qualify for any government assistance programs.

However, there are several ways to save money while living in Canada.

One way is to rent out your spare room. This can help you make some extra cash, and reduce your overall living costs.

Another option is to join a co-op like Costco or Sam’s Club. These stores often provide discounts on products and services, which can help you save money.

Finally, you can try freelancing online for some additional income. 


How much money do you need to live comfortably in Canada? 

If you’re living above the national average living costs in Canada, then you should be able to afford to live comfortably in Canada. However, living comfortably in Canada may differ depending on your circumstances.


For example, if two people earn CAD 7,000 a month, one person chooses to rent an apartment in a less populated area so they can save CAD 2,000 per month. In contrast, the other person lives in a bigger city where prices are higher, struggling to keep up with the extra cost due to his income.

Which person lives more comfortably?

This example shows living according to your income which is completely different from living comfortably.

We originally stated that living comfortably in Canada means being able to pay your monthly bills and whatever else you may need without having to worry too much.


These include living anywhere you want to live in the big cities, but the amounts of money you require to live comfortably in one region or city differ from others. For example, here are the top most expensive Canadian cities.

As well as the top ten most affordable Canadian cities and the average price per person or family of four people.


Top 5 most expensive cities in Canada (City average home price);

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia – $1,875,000 CAD
  2. Toronto, Ontario – $768,400 CAD
  3. Victoria, British Columbia – $672,800 CAD
  4. Hamilton-Burlington, Ontario – $591,481 cad
  5. Calgary, Alberta – $430,000 CAD


10 Cheapest cities in Canada to live in (City Average Cost per Person and Average cost for four people);


  1. Sherbrooke Quebec – CAD 878 (1 Person), CAD 3,206 (Family of Four)
  2. London Ontario – $1,013 CAD (1 Person), $3,646 CAD ( Family of Four)
  3. Winnipeg, Manitoba – $1,070 CAD (1 Person), $3,829 CAD (Family of Four) 
  4. Moncton New Brunswick – $1,065 CAD (1 Person), $3,840 CAD (Family of Four)
  5. Kitchener Ontario – $1,071 CAD (1 Person), $3,786 CAD (Family of Four)
  6. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – CAD 1,131 (1 Person), CAD 3,945 (Family of Four)
  7. Regina Saskatchewan – CAD 1,124 (1 Person), CAD 4,012 (Family of Four)
  8. St john New Brunswick – CAD 1,176 (1 Person), CAD 4,205 ( Family of Four) 
  9. Calgary, Alberta – CAD 1,144 (1 Person), CAD 4,110 (Family of Four)
  10. Edmonton, Alberta – $1,183 CAD( 1 Person), $4191 CAD (Family of Four) 


As mentioned above, there are differences in costs of living between different cities across different Canadian cities, so living comfortably in one city will largely depend on whether or not you live in the bigger cities or an inland region. 

However, a reasonable salary range for enabling you to live comfortably should be between CAD 42,000 and CAD 52,000 per year (including taxes). Remember that this amount could go up to CAD 60,00 per year for a family of four. 


It could even rise further if the number of family members increases.


What is the Canadian government doing to help?

The Canadian government has set out goals to ensure that the lives of people in Canada are comfortable. They provide:

  • Free health care for their citizens.
  • Free education for students.
  • Various loans that are easy to access.


Life in Canada can be a whole lot better for you if you get a decent job, earn a good salary monthly, and don’t live beyond your means. Canada is beautiful, and it’s always welcoming new immigrants to help populate the nation. You, too, can begin life in this wonderful country today if you immigrate!



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