Countries Where You Can Get A Work Visa Without IELTS

A work visa without IELTS depends on the nation to which one wishes to move, as somewhere, it is only possible to apply for or receive a work visa with a specific IELTS score and others where it is possible.

If one satisfies some fundamental standards, qualifications, or criteria that can be used in place of the IELTS, a work visa without IELTS is typically attainable. This article will also list the nations where you can apply for or receive a work visa without taking the IELTS exam.

Work Visa 

A work visa could be nothing more than a travel authorization for employment purposes. Authorizations to enter another country and work there are known as work visas.

Accepting a job offer in a foreign nation often involves obtaining a work visa or other authorization. But, of course, there are exceptions, like in countries with free-movement policies (like the EU).

A work visa may be prolonged, even though it is temporary. Some countries allow holders to switch to a resident visa after a set period or a permanent work visa.

Work Visa Without IELTS

Without IELTS, obtaining a work visa is highly likely, but you must concentrate your application on Middle Eastern nations and the United Kingdom.

A work visa is also possible in Canada and New Zealand without taking the IELTS exam.

Depending on the organization’s or your profile’s requirements, you can apply for a work visa without taking the IELTS exam. However, usually, every module calls for a 7-band IELTS score.

Countries Where You Can Get A Work Visa Without IELTS

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for nations where you can obtain a work visa without taking the IELTS because we’ll be listing each of those nations for you.

Australia/New Zealand

If you want to work in a place like Australia, you don’t need a good IELTS score because it only depends on your career.

IELTS is optional to obtain a work visa in Australia or New Zealand if you seek factory employment. But to get a work visa while applying for a highly qualified professional position, an IELTS is a prerequisite.

If you want to work in Australia or New Zealand, you can substitute the PTE Test for the IELTS. Both countries accept PTE for immigration and PR purposes.

Additionally, applicants from Australia and New Zealand who are natural English speakers are not required to take an English language competence exam. There is no requirement to take an English proficiency test for nations or individuals who have earned a tertiary degree (equivalent to an Australian Bachelor’s degree or higher level) from a university where English is the primary language.

Steps to apply for a work visa in Australia/New Zealand Without IELTS

  • When you apply for a job, the employer will begin obtaining your visa, and you will also see.
  • The business will initially submit your name for sponsorship of a visa 457.
  • Once the nomination is approved, you will submit a visa application to DIBP.
  • When applying for a visa, you must have the offer letter, the transaction reference number for your accepted sponsored nomination, a copy of your passport, a CV, certifications of past employment, police clearance reports, and IELTS. Once the visa application procedure has begun, you will be needed to take the medical exam. Directly to DIBP, the doctor will send the test findings.


The UK (United Kingdom)

One of the five exams the UK recognizes as proof of B1-level English proficiency is an English language test, such as the IELTS. IELTS is thus one of many ways to prove your English language ability and is optional for the UK.

The primary requirement for acquiring a work visa in the UK is not IELTS but rather an employer willing to sponsor you for one. So it would help if you concentrated mainly on it.

The requirements for obtaining a work visa in the United Kingdom without taking the IELTS are listed below.

  • a national of a language other than English
  • Additionally, it would help if you had a diploma from any English-language courses you took.
  • When you first started attending classes while you were under, was English taught at a UK institution?


Follow the same steps as in the UK to obtain a work visa in Canada without IELTS (UK).

To secure a work visa, you must first find a company willing to hire you and spend $1,000. After that, your employer will be granted a LIMA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) visa if the Canadian government approves it, enabling you to enter the country on a two-year work visa.

A Canadian company may be required to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment before hiring a foreign employee (LMIA). A successful LMIA will show that a foreign employee must fill the role. Additionally, it will show that Canada needs more qualified candidates.

Only when your employee requests an IELTS will you be obligated to provide one; else, you are free to leave.

Middle East Countries

Middle Eastern nations such as Armenia, Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Gaza Strip/West Bank, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United, and Yemen are just a few of the many fascinating nations there.


To work in Dubai, the applicant must possess a graduate degree in a skilled trade and at least two years of experience in the relevant field. Visas for the UAE can be renewed and range from one to three years.


You must apply for a Polish Schengen visa to study, work, or dwell in Poland. Obtaining a work permit in Poland entails working for the organization listed on the document. New permission must be requested if the foreign employee wishes to switch employers or work for more than one company.

South Africa

The South African Department of Home Affairs awards candidates who possess the necessary abilities with a work permit visa. The nation initially issued visas for 12 months, although the appropriate government can extend this to 5 years.


You will require a Russian work visa if you are planning to travel to Russia for business purposes and are not a citizen of a country once part of the Soviet Union. The duration of a Russian work permit for a single entry is three months; however, the time of a work visa for successive entries is up to three years.


A work visa is required to enter the country and is often arranged by the employer. The work visa’s initial validity is between one and three months, although applicants can extend it if necessary.


All non-EU nationals must acquire a work visa to live and work in Hungary. Through the application process, the nation grants the applicants permission to stay in Hungary for up to 180 days. The requirement for a Hungary work visa is an employment relationship with a Hungarian employer, regardless of whether you are requesting a joint work permit, residence permit, seasonal employment visa, or EU Blue card.

You can apply for a work visa in each of the nations mentioned above without taking the IELTS.


On the other hand, receiving a job offer is different from applying for a work visa because there is only one way to use it with a job offer.

Additionally, a work visa without IELTS is optional and can vary from nation to country and job.

A work visa for those seeking industrial jobs may be issued in some countries without IELTS. Still, a band score from the well-known test is necessary for skilled and highly qualified professional positions.

Canada is one instance. It depends on the country, the job, the procedures, and other factors. For example, if a Canadian jurisdiction provides you with PnP, you will have earned enough points to avoid taking the IELTS test. Passing the IELTS exam will be more straightforward than that, though, if you don’t have any contacts in your chosen destination.

In addition to the IELTS, you must meet every other prerequisite when applying for a work visa to have a chance.

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