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DAAD Scholarships
DAAD Scholarships

An overview

The main focus of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD Scholarships Programme is to provide young people with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience abroad. DAAD provides scholarships for thousands of German and foreign students every year. It is one of the biggest providers of student exchange programs worldwide.

The program provides grants for one-year study and/or research stays in Germany for outstanding candidates from almost all countries of the world.

The program offers scholarships to graduate students for master’s studies, doctorate studies, and postdoctoral work. There are also specialized scholarships for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows.

Scholarship holders receive financial support during their entire stay in Germany. They are expected to conduct scientific research under the supervision of a supervisor. Additionally, they must attend lectures, seminars, and workshops organized by the host institution.



If you are passionate about looking to study, carry out research or learn in Germany and you are in need of financial support? DAAD is your solution!

This article will provide you with Everything you need to know about the world’s largest funding organization and how to apply for funding.



Who can apply?

The DAAD provides scholarships for students wishing to pursue studies in Germany. In addition to regular scholarships, there are special awards for highly talented individuals and those studying in specific fields such as music, fine art, design, film, and architecture.

What can be funded?

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of Germany’s largest international student exchange organizations. Its main goal is to help students gain knowledge about other cultures and countries around the world. To achieve this, it offers numerous scholarships for study abroad, internships and language courses.

The organization offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degrees at both German universities and colleges and foreign institutions. Students are eligible for funding based on academic merit, financial need, and personal circumstances. There are three types of scholarships offered by DAAD:

  • Exchange scholarships provide full tuition coverage for a period of up to four semesters for studies at either a German university or college or at a partner institution outside Germany.
  • Study Abroad & Internship Programmes offer partial support for studying abroad or working in Germany.
  • Language Courses Scholarship provides funding for language courses in Germany.

DAAD supports a wide range of programmes including master’s degrees and PhD studies. The programmes must be completed at a state or state recognized university in Germany. The duration of the study year in the host institution cannot exceed the standard period of study of the student’s home university. If there is no such limitation, it depends on the individual case whether the DAAD grant covers the entire cost of the study year.


Daad Scholarship

Undergraduate Students:

“DAAD offers scholarships for summer courses abroad.”

The Deutsche Akademie für Auslandsbeziehungen (German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD), part of the federal government of Germany, offers scholarship programs for undergraduate students interested in studying abroad. Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic merit, financial need, and personal motivation. Currently, there are three different types of scholarships available through DAAD:

• Summer Course Grants: 

These grants provide support for up to four weeks of full-time study at a foreign institution.


• RISE Germany Internship Program: 

This program provides students with funding for a paid internship in one of six areas: engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences.

• DAAD Scholarship Programs: 

These scholarships help cover tuition costs and living expenses while abroad. They are typically available for a period of one semester or longer.

Students must be at least sophomore level to be considered for the Summer Course Grant. Those applying for the RISE Germany Internship must be at least junior level. In addition, applicants must demonstrate a strong interest in working in one of the six areas listed above.

Graduate Students:

“Study Abroad Year!”


Germany offers many opportunities for graduate students to pursue their interests outside of academia. Through the DAAD Study Scholarship Program, international students can receive funding for a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Diploma at one of over 200 universities throughout Germany. For those looking to complete a study abroad year, there are numerous options available including internships, language courses, and cultural excursions.

The DAAD Study Scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. In addition to financial support, the DAAD provides extensive career counseling, networking events, professional development workshops, and mentorship.

DAAD Study Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, motivation, and personal qualities such as leadership skills, teamwork, and creativity. Applicants may submit their application online via our website. You can find detailed information about the program here.

Ph.D. Students and Researchers:

Germany offers excellent conditions for conducting scientific research. Its universities and research institutes offer state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. In addition, there are numerous publicly funded programs supporting both short- and long-term research projects.


With support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), many international students and researchers find themselves well prepared for their studies in Germany. DAAD provides financial assistance for study abroad, language courses, internships, conferences, and meetings, as well as scholarships.

The federal government funds about half of all university education costs. Public universities and research institutions do not charge any tuition fees. They provide free accommodation, food, and access to health care.

In addition, there are several programs offering grants to foreign scientists and scholars. These include the Max Planck Research Award Program, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).



DAAD scholarship requirements

The DAAD, or the Deutsche Akademische Austausch Dienst, focuses on funding international student to get their education abroad. It offers a monthly stipends to students who are winners. The requirements for the DAID scholarship are as follows: The applicant should have completed his/her bachelor’s degree not more than six years ago. The applicant should have at least two years of proven work experience. Applicants must be able to provide evidence of financial support from their home countries. This includes proof of financial assistance from their families, government institutions, or organizations such as universities.

Depending on your degree course, there will be English or German Language requirements.

The following is a list of the required documents for all applicants to the DAAAD Scholarship Program. Applicants must submit these items by the application deadline listed below.

  1. Application Form (PDF)
  2. Transcripts from each college or university attended, including undergraduate and graduate school. If you have not yet graduated from high school, please include your GED score with your application.
  3. A letter of recommendation from an academic advisor or professor who has had contact with you. Please note that if you do not have any letters of recommendation available, we encourage you to write them yourself.
  4. Proof of English proficiency: For international applicants, proof of English proficiency may be requested. This includes a TOEFL or IELTS test score, a minimum GPA of 3.0, or a minimum score of 6.5 on the Test of Spoken English (TOEFL).
  5. Financial Statement: You must complete and sign the DAAD Financial Statement form (PDF), which shows your current financial situation.
  6. Personal statement: Write a short personal statement describing why you wish to study abroad and what you hope to gain from this experience.
  7. Official passport photos: Two passport-sized photographs should be included with your application.
  8. Original Certificate of Eligibility: All foreign nationals applying for a DAAD scholarship must obtain a certificate of eligibility from their country’s consulate or embassy before submitting an application. The certificate of eligibility must be issued within one month of receiving the application.
  9. Additional supporting documentation: Depending on the type of program you apply for, additional supporting documentation may be required. These documents will vary depending on the program you apply for. Some examples of additional supporting documentation include:
  10. An official transcript from the previous institution(s) attended;
  11. A copy of your diploma or degree;
  12. A copy of your most recent SAT/ACT scores;
  13. A copy of your GRE/GMAT/MAT/MCAT scores;
  14. A copy of your TOEFL/IELTS scores;
  15. A copy of your GMAT score;
  16. A copy of your bachelor’s thesis;
  17. A copy of your CV;
  18. A copy of your resume;
  19. A copy of your work sample;
  20. A copy of your professional references;
  21. A copy of your essay;
  22. A copy of your curriculum vitae;
  23. A copy of your research proposal;
  24. A copy of your project description;
  25. A copy of your course outline;
  26. A copy of your admission letter;
  27. A copy of your acceptance letter;
  28. A copy of your visa application;
  29. A copy of your travel itinerary;
  30. A copy of your flight ticket;
  31. A copy of your hotel reservation;
  32. A copy of your health insurance policy;
  33. A copy of your bank statements;
  34. A copy of your student ID card;



Duration of the funding

If you choose to study abroad for a period of time, the scholarship covers tuition fees for up to two years. Scholarships are usually awarded for up to two years during the standard period of studies.


How do I apply for the DAAD Scholarship?

You can apply online through the DAAD website. You need to fill out the DAAD application form (PDF). After filling in all the information, submit it by clicking “Submit Application”. You will receive an email confirmation once the application is submitted. If you don’t receive any emails after submitting the application, please check


Tips for Success:

  • Follow the instructions on the DAAD web pages
  • Express why a stay in Germany is critical for your academic or professional goals
  • Choose the right school
  • Obtain a letter of invitation from a German professor or institution for research grants (an invitation essential for research grants)
  • Focus on academic goals and your background to achieve them
  • Present a reasonable time-line for research projects
  • Explain clearly why you chose the location or program
  • Submit quality letters of recommendation addressing your specific research goals/study plans
  • Make sure your application is on time and complete


List of Top German Universities in 2022

Berlin has the best academic institutions and degrees from German universities are recognized all over the world. Moreover, gaining knowledge here is easy because of its diverse culture and cosmopolitanism. There are several universities in Berlin that offer courses in various fields.


Some DAAD Scholarships currently available

  • Study Scholarships – Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Research Grants – One-Year Grants for Doctoral Candidates • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Research Grants – Doctoral Programmes in Germany • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Research Grants – Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees / Cotutelle • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP) • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Study Scholarships – Postgraduate Studies in the Field of Architecture • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Study Scholarships – Postgraduate Studies in the Fields of Fine Art, Design, Visual  Communication, and Film • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Study Scholarships – Postgraduate Studies in the Field of Music • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Study Scholarships – Postgraduate Studies in the Field of the Performing Arts • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Bilateral Exchange of Academics • DAAD – Apply Now
  • ERP Study Scholarships for Graduates of Economics and Business Administration • DAAD – Apply Now
  • ALECOSTA: Alemania-Costa Rica • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Angolan-German Postgraduate Training Programme • DAAD – Apply Now
  • Bridge Scholarships Afghanistan • DAADCAS-DAAD-Programme / Joint – Apply Now
  • Fellowship Programme for Doctoral Students of CAS • DAAD – Apply Now

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