Easiest Countries To Migrate To

Leaving your nation and starting a new life elsewhere is always enticing. New people, visiting unfamiliar locations, and taking in a new culture seem like engaging and delightful experiences.

However, immigration is never simple, especially if you lack the necessary resources or suitable talents. Most nations have various immigration policies predicated on addressing labour shortages and have annual caps. To immigrate to a new country, you must consider several crucial considerations, such as adjusting to a new social structure and financial situation.

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Easiest Countries to Immigrate To

The following countries are some of the easiest to immigrate to:

  • Czechia
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • Portugal
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Paraguay
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Montenegro

Please be aware that these nations were chosen due to their simple immigration policies and abundance of visa opportunities.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a well-liked immigration destination because of its skilled migration program. You must, however, meet several criteria to be qualified for this program. To begin with, you must be younger than 55, highly knowledgeable in your field, and have a work history. However, if you meet these criteria, you can stay in New Zealand for two years without applying for a resident visa.


Australia’s scheme, one of the most successful and monitored, simplifies the immigration process. There are several methods to immigrate to Australia, including the following list of the most popular ones:

  • Global Talent Visa
  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Skilled Nominated Visa.
  • Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

However, to qualify for a points-based visa, you must be under 50 (for most visas), have the required training and work experience, and generally score well enough. Similar to New Zealand.


For Americans and Canadians, Spain is one of the most specific countries in Europe to relocate to. The North American Language and Cultural Assistant program, which allows you to relocate to Spain to teach English, is the reason behind this. You can switch to a work visa if you find another job outside the program. The beautiful weather, low cost of living compared to other areas of Europe, public and private healthcare, and educational system are the main reasons why ex-pats prefer Spain.

Spain’s Golden Visa program makes it a favourite travel destination. However, you must have sufficient funds and a financial strategy to qualify for permanent residency under this program. For Filipinos and other nations of former Spanish colonies, Spain also provides a fast-track citizenship scheme.


One of the countries with the most specific immigration laws is Paraguay, known for its retirement program and investment visa. Both of these alternatives make it simple to become a permanent resident and, subsequently, a citizen, albeit with the requirement that you have ample financial resources.

You can carry out one of the following actions to get permanent residence via investment:

  • Put at least $5,500 into a bank account; you may do this by depositing at the Central Bank of Paraguay.
  • Start a company with a $5,000 minimum investment.
  • Get a plot of land that is at least 10 hectares large.

After investing, you may qualify for residency in as little as three months and, three years later, citizenship. You must make at least one trip to Paraguay within those three years. On the other hand, if you can prove that you generate at least $1,300 a month in income, the Paraguayan retirement program permits you to get permanent residency.


Because of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act and the variety of visa options available, Germany is a well-known destination for immigrants. The Migration Act streamlines and accelerates the relocation procedure for skilled persons. First, depending on your visa type, you can get a six-month work permit in Germany. Then, you can apply for a work permit. After completing all the conditions, you can stay on a temporary residence visa for up to four years before applying for citizenship.


Montenegro has recently been a fantastic immigration destination because of its low cost of living (compared to other European countries) and reputation as “the new French Riviera.”

Most foreign nationals fall into one of three categories—work, study, or family reunification—and are eligible for a one-year residency visa. But one of the most straightforward ways to get there is to get a work visa. Monegro has also unveiled a new investment plan that can earn you citizenship, but to participate in the program, you must deposit a minimum of $350,000.

Czech Republic

Moving to the Czech Republic is easy in part because it has the highest unemployment rate in Europe. In addition, due to the career opportunities, moving there on a work visa is relatively simple. You may frequently get a work visa for a year and then extend it if your job contract is still in effect. A temporary resident visa will allow you to apply for permanent status after five years.


Thailand is easy to relocate to if you are a highly qualified professional or have the money to invest in your permanent home. You can relocate to Thailand if you apply for a SMART visa. To be eligible for this visa, you must be a skilled worker in a specific field, an investor, an executive, or the owner of a start-up firm. SMART visas allow you to live in Thailand for one to four years, depending on your type.

You can also move to Thailand if you have enough money by enrolling in the Thailand Elite Residence Program. The Elite Easy Access option is one of the seven possibilities offered by the program. For THB 500,000, or $14,850, you may use it to get a five-year residency in just four months.


According to popular opinion, one of the friendliest nations for immigration in Canada. Due to its large area, sparse population, and easy accessibility, it is also one of the easiest. In addition, Canada offers several immigration initiatives to entice foreigners to settle there.

The Express Entry program is among the most well-known immigration schemes. To qualify for this program, you must be highly proficient and have appropriate expertise in your specific sector. A points-based system governs it.

Another immigration strategy targeted at attracting young people is the International Experience Canada program. As long as you are between the ages of 18 and 30, you are eligible to apply for a two-year work visa.


With enough money, one of the simplest places to relocate is Portugal. Through its Golden Visa program, you can apply for permanent residency after living in the country for five years. As long as you’ve spent 35 days in Portugal after the five years are over, you can still seek citizenship. A person may qualify for this visa if he or she invests $350,000 in a property in an urban generating region or spend $500,000 on real estate.

For some reason, expatriates find moving to Portugal to be quite alluring. One of them is the chance to earn an EU passport in only five years and enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen area. Additionally, it offers accessibility to world-class academic programs and cost-free medical treatment.


The United States’ southern neighbour, one of the hardest-working nations in the world, has 31 independent states, each of which offers a thriving economy, a low cost of living, a high standard of living, and first-rate healthcare (and cuisine). It is pretty easy to become a permanent resident, and after five years—or less for those whose spouse or close family members are Mexican—one can apply to become a citizen. Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, and other Latin American nations are popular immigration destinations.


You could be lucky if you’ve ever daydreamed of taking a stroll down the Seine while holding a croissant. France, a well-liked tourist destination, now offers more visa options if you’re looking for a lengthy stay.

To support the nation’s digital economy and give foreigners a quick route to residence, France introduced an easy-to-use visa for IT professionals in 2017. One of the longest-lasting visa options in Europe, the French tech visa enables entrepreneurs, investors, and tech workers to live and work in France for four years.


Travelling outside your country to discover different cultures and ways of life is becoming more common in the modern world. Many individuals are putting their entire life into a few bags and travelling in search of fresh experiences and independence from fixed residences. As remote employment becomes more prevalent, several nations are lowering visa requirements for tourists and ex-pats and becoming more tolerant of the “digital nomad” lifestyle.

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