Top 10 Insurance Blogs

This post on some of the top insurance blogs will definitely appeal to you if you fall into the below-mentioned category.

Marketers, agents, students, and even some insurance firms are always on the lookout for opportunities to broaden their skill sets.

As you may know, the insurance market is highly complex, and it is always evolving with new products, legislation, tactics, and developments.

Thus, there is a need for one to start being informed of these new changes.

To aid easy access to information, some insurance companies, government agencies, brokers, agents, and insurance law specialists have all created blogs to keep their readers up to date on the latest developments in the insurance industry.

In this post, we will be highlighting some top insurance blogs. Note that these blogs are not listed in any particular order or ranked based on how they are listed.

Top 10 Insurance Blogs 2022/2023

1. Insurance Splash

Insurance Splash is a marketing resource site that focuses on helping insurance firms and agents improve their marketing by providing how-to blogs and blog tips on themes such as sales tips, referral marketing, value selling, and cross-selling. This is an excellent insurance blog for anyone who wants to understand their marketing alternatives or locate information to guarantee that their marketing efforts are successful.

2. Insurance Noon

Another top blog on our list of top 10 insurance blogs is Insurance Noon.

This is one of the most comprehensive insurance blogs on the internet, focusing on industry news, purchasing tips, reviews, and much more.

It is largely regarded as one of the world’s fastest-growing insurance-related media publications. Furthermore, it is a great blog for anybody who wants to learn more about the insurance sector and get high-quality information on topics such as life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and house insurance. Insurance Noon is owned by Skyray Media Group, a media company with over 100 media properties.

3. Safeco Insurance Blog

The blog is quite informative on aspects of house and auto insurance in English and Spanish language.

You can visit this site for helpful hints and entertaining facts on house, boat, bike, and vehicle insurance, as well as other insurance-related topics. If you are not an expert but would want to learn more about the insurance industry, then the Safeco Insurance blog is the right site for you.

4. LeadPops

LeadPops is a weekly updated marketing blog with its main focus on the insurance and real estate businesses. LeadPops contains a wide range of content formats used to educate, entertain, and enlighten marketers on the latest news in the insurance and real estate areas.

This blog is quite comprehensive, with bright, colorful infographics and easy-to-digest text. Posts are usually made on a weekly basis.

5. Allstate’s Blog

The Allstate blog focuses on insurance topics relating to your house, pets, vehicle, bike, boat, private businesses, and term life insurance. In addition, the site is available in Spanish.

The Allstate Insurance Blogs employs a delicate sell strategy by focusing on vital and interesting material rather than attempting to sell you on its product.

Furthermore, the blog has information that tackles common day-to-day problems such as home, vehicle, condo, cruiser, boar, private enterprise, finances, and a variety of other topics. This makes the blog an excellent site for either an insurance professional or an inquisitive student.


If we are to go into the world of health insurance blogs, then will definitely top our list. This insurance blog provides a simplified path for finding and buying health insurance. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services of the federal government are in charge of this blog. The website also displays the federal government’s medical care plans as well as laws.

You may also apply for inclusion, retain or update your medical care plan, and get answers to all of your health care coverage marketplace questions. The blog is constantly updated with new material weekly.

7. Smarts Pro Marketing

Also known as Smarts Pro Marketing, this blog is densely packed with posts that compare current market situations. In this blog, you will get useful information on the psychology of selling, why selling like a commodity is a bad idea and even marketing fundamentals like how to compose the perfect sales-oriented email.

This blog is ideal for seasoned marketing professionals looking for fresh niche marketing ideas to expand their target market.

8. Agency Revolution Blog

Unlike many insurance blogs, this site provides a unique perspective. Expect blog postings on the complexities of the agent-customer interaction, client retention, and managing the continual stream of value marketing. The blog is updated 1-2 times every month and occasionally skips a month.

Even though updates are not as regular as other blogs, the content in each post is comprehensive enough that you may require the whole month to analyze, assess, and apply the knowledge to your own marketing approach.

9. The AMAXX Workers Comp Resource Center Blog

Another blog that made the list on our top 10 insurance blogs is The AMAXX Workers Comp Resource Center Blog. This is the perfect blog for any agency that provides workers’ compensation insurance and wants to learn more about the business.

Contents are posted at least daily and sometimes numerous times a day. The blog’s subjects span from California worker’s comp difficulties like dealing with Cal/Osha and CA’s OAL approvals to national worker’s comp issues like how to comprehend or design a risk management strategy, high-risk corporations with many violations, or evaluations of national conferences.

10. Majesco Blog

Majesco is focused on innovation and innovative solutions. They describe their blog as “constructing the fate of your business and the final fate of insurance.” Furthermore, they give regular updates on business developments and the final fate of insurance. The blog discusses innovation topics and how they are disrupting the insurance industry.

In addition, the Majesco company offers advice and insurance programming solutions to enable insurance firms to achieve the dexterity required to meet their change openings.


Insurance blogs can teach you a lot of things, from breaking insurance industry news, discussion on the current insurance landscape, regulatory challenges, and even sales methods.

The Insurance blogs discussed in this post are perfect for anyone who wants to get updated information in the insurance arena. For instance, an insurance agent who is constantly seeking methods to advance in their job won’t acquire the most up-to-date information if they don’t visit the correct websites.

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