Jobs That Travel and Pay Well

Due to the flexibility and exposure it offers, travel is alluring to many people. When you travel, you have experiences that are specific to that places, and that can shape how you see the world for years to come. Therefore, it may make sense for you to have a career that needs regular travel if you are someone who enjoys the worldly rush of wanderlust. In this post, we define a travel job and offer a list of well-paying positions you can apply for if you wish to work in travel and make a high salary.

Jobs That Travel and Pay Well To Consider

Although the hospitality sector is more frequently linked to travel employment, numerous other careers focus on domestic and international travel. The high-paying jobs that enable you to travel the world while working are included in the list below:

Airline pilot

Salary: $44,761 per year

Duties: A pilot for an airline is in charge of flying a plane safely to its destination. They might be in order of piloting a commercial or private jet for a single passenger. Some pilots are in charge of the cargo. Major airline first officers and captains frequently earn much more money.

Hotel manager

Salary: $51,151 per year

Duties: A hotel manager is ultimately in charge of all aspects of the hotel’s operations, including staff, marketing, lodging, and food. They collaborate closely with other hotel staff members to ensure everything runs successfully for every visitor. A hotel manager may also need to find suppliers, negotiate contracts with on-site eateries and retail establishments, and decide which area of the hotel to enhance based on available funds.

To manage other hotels in the same chain, visit sister hotels, or study more about the hospitality industry, a hotel manager may need to travel regularly.

Infection preventionist

Salary: $70,568 per year

Duties: Researching and comprehending disease is the responsibility of an infection preventionist. They spot illness trends in particular communities and within specific groupings. An infection preventionist will create strategies to stop the disease from spreading among group members after they understand the sickness better. To conduct interviews and observe how the sickness spreads worldwide, they travel to various areas.


Salary: $73,816 per year

Duties: Understanding how natural disasters and other events might alter the earth is the responsibility of a geologist. They may research landslides, earthquakes, and volcanoes to advise experts on constructing buildings and other structures to prevent harm. In addition, a geologist may travel to several locations to speak with architects.

Executive recruiter

Salary: $73,870 per year

Duties: An executive recruiter often oversees a group of recruiters who work to place workers in openings at other companies. They might perform background checks, complete preliminary interviews on the client’s behalf, and offer hiring recommendations to businesses for their vacant vacancies.

They might be in charge of filling executive-level positions at an organization if they handle the recruiting operations directly. However, to do their duties, an executive recruiter might have to go to the city where their client’s office is.

Marine biologist

Salary: $74,011 per year

Duties: Working with marine species, typically in a setting containing salt water, is the responsibility of a marine biologist. Scientists study the species that live there to learn more about how different ecosystems interact and their effects on their surroundings. In addition, a marine scientist might occasionally carry out research in a lab.

Senior Auditor

Salary: $79,813 per year

Duties: A senior auditor is in charge of ensuring that a business is compliant with financial regulations. They might examine financial information to find ways to cut costs, save money, or create better budgets. A senior auditor reviews the organization’s present procedures with a team and offers recommendations on becoming more compliant in the future.

If you work for an auditing firm with numerous clients worldwide, this job necessitates a lot of travel. For a proper audit, you must be able to travel to client locations.

Marine engineer

Salary: $82,117 per year

Duties: A marine engineer is responsible for designing and constructing maritime crafts, such as sailboats, submarines, and other ships. They might also be required to keep up with this equipment. A marine engineer may have to go to the carrier’s or tanker’s location to complete their work.

Environmental engineer

Salary: $82,948 per year

Duties: By knowing soil, biology, and chemistry, an environmental engineer is in charge of increasing and improving the environment. To improve the environment, they make improvements to systems that deal with things like waste management, air pollution, recycling, and public water.

Construction manager

Salary: $86,391 per year

Duties: A construction manager oversees the building of anything from a new neighborhood to business facilities to industrial buildings and bridges. They might supervise those working on a job site, such as planners, builders, safety officials, etc. A construction manager frequently must go to various building sites to ensure the project is finished on schedule and budget.

Travel Nurse

Salary: $94,304 per year

Duties: A travel nurse similarly performs patient care duties to regular nurses, except they do so as workers of staffing companies that place them on temporary assignments in various hospitals and care facilities across the country.

Yacht broker

Salary: $100,289 per year

Duties: The task of facilitating yacht sales falls to a yacht broker. They might establish connections with sellers and purchasers of yachts and large boats. Since buyers and sellers may engage a skilled yacht broker exclusively to broker their deals, they are in high demand. In addition, a yacht broker can give their clients an accurate sense of what they may expect to make in a deal because they know the boat market’s asking prices.

Regional director

Salary: $105,387 per year

Duties: A regional director oversees numerous stores in a specific area of the US. They work closely with store managers to ensure that everyone is abiding by corporate policies and following company values. In addition, they coordinate their efforts and exchange business plans to ensure the company’s objectives are met. A regional director visits each store in their district in person regularly.

Chief executive officer

Salary: $110,583 per year

Duties: A company’s operations are under the CEO’s control. The highest-ranking executive plays a crucial role in corporate decisions, oversees the other executives, interacts with the board of directors, and ensures that the business stays within budget, produces high-quality goods, and expands.

Creative director

Salary: $110,771 per year

Duties: A creative director is in charge of overseeing a group of marketers or graphic designers. A creative director collaborates with their team to plan the visual appeal of a deliverable that might be used for brochures, websites, business cards, product packaging, and other things. To better understand their clients’ branding and objectives, they might collaborate with them. They might return to the client’s site after the designs are finished to present them.

Sales director

Salary: $112,136 per year

Duties: A sales director is in charge of overseeing a sales team and making sure the group meets predetermined sales targets. They might train their team members in customer service and assist them in negotiating strategies. A sales director frequently needs to travel to meet with clients and consumers in person.


Salary: $114,811 per year

Duties: A new structure, such as a neighborhood of homes or an office complex, must be sketched out and designed by an architect. Based on their discussions with clients to determine their demands, they create designs that a building team can follow.

Senior project manager

Salary: $118,367 per year

Duties: A senior project manager supervises their team while they plan and coordinate one or more projects. They work closely with the members of their team and the stakeholders in charge of the outcome to ensure everything is finished correctly. They are also actively involved in the budget and timeframe.

Senior business intelligence analyst

Salary: $131,105 per year

Duties: A senior business intelligence analyst examines an organization’s finances and operating costs, who then submits a report to leaders. They might suggest ways to save costs and streamline procedures for the company to increase revenue, attract and keep more talent, and boost productivity.

Larger firms typically require a senior business intelligence analyst responsible for traveling to corporate offices and other parts of the company to carry out their task.

User experience researcher

Salary: $133,277 per year

Duties: For a company to create a system that meets user needs, a user experience researcher must learn more about user behavior and motivation. They could give insight into customer requirements and experiences to a team designing a new product or website. To conduct surveys and tests to improve user engagement, a user experience researcher may have to go to usability sessions.


There are many ways to earn money while working abroad, but many remote jobs demand a certain level of training, a significant time commitment, or prior experience.

Everyone would be doing it if it were simple.

Dream occupations can need years to complete and require unfathomable labor and sacrifice, which the average individual simply cannot comprehend until they go through the same road for themselves.


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