Jobs With a Business Administration Degree

Business organizations constantly need employees who can do administrative tasks.

Employers in Florida frequently urge specialists and technicians to acquire business administration degrees since they know that internal promotion is a tried-and-true method for corporate expansion in the World.

Business majors may acquire crucial skill sets by studying company theories and discovering optimal business practices, including the ability to assess issues utilizing data. Business majors also have the chance to develop leadership skills and may become skilled at establishing professional communications. Employers from many different industries look for this broad range of abilities in business degree holders. According to a nationwide CareerBuilder poll, 30% of respondents chose business majors over other degrees, and 74% of employers said they wanted to hire recent college graduates in 2018.

According to the sector, business administration majors might anticipate making the following yearly salaries:

  • Entry-level wages of $60–120K with experience
  • A year’s salary for MBA grads might reach $155,000.

Graduates with a business administration degree can advance into higher-paying managerial roles after working in their industry for a few years. The BLS reports that in 2018, the median pay for business management was $102,590. A master’s degree in business administration will increase salaries even more. The Financial Times reports that in 2018, the average pay for an MBA three years after graduation was $142,000.

Following graduation from a business administration program, you can pursue the following positions out of the hundreds of job descriptions in this vast occupational area.

Procurement Officer

Procurement professionals, also called “purchasing officers,” are in charge of buying goods necessary for company operations. For this position, one of the most significant in the supply chain, analytical, organizational, and negotiation skills are essential. First, the procurement officer must establish the standards and deadlines for the products their organization requires, then research and assess potential suppliers’ reputations, offerings, quality, and prices. Finally, the procurement officer must pick one to prepare a contract with, after which they must keep an eye on how well the service, delivery, and relationship are working.

Given that Fresh Del Monte Produce is a corporation with linkages to the economies of the United States and Europe, procurement officers may be expected to handle international trade logistics for this South Florida-based company. In addition, procurement officers may occasionally be chosen to sit on executive boards.

Office Administrator

Office management-focused business administration graduates will always have employment opportunities. Office administrators are expected to be resourceful and able to multitask in the twenty-first century. Intermediate to expert database usage, particularly with Microsoft programs like Word, Excel, etc., is a basic skill. Some basic reporting and accounting expertise on occasion. Office managers must have good people skills, manage phones, clients, and staff, plan workplace space utilization and maintenance, and deal with unforeseen office problems.

Like the industry leader in home security, ADT, companies in Florida are always hiring office managers.

Human Resources Manager

The most precious resource for a business will always be its human capital. Managing the workforce, which begins with recruitment and includes payroll, training, compliance, benefits, scheduling, retention, counseling, and strategic planning, is the responsibility of human resource managers.

Although recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring workers is human resources experts’ main responsibility, many have received training in all aspects of HR. Therefore, they routinely deal with other HR-related tasks like employee relations, pay and benefits, and training. These regular duties include processing payroll, handling benefits administration, and ensuring that human resources operations adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Effective human resource management is essential for the success of a vast Florida company like Publix. Large human resources departments will hire you based on your degree as a qualification; nevertheless, you may be requested to complete additional training, particularly regarding workplace compliance. This is a vibrant and competitive industry that rewards expertise.

The BLS estimates the median annual salary for managers at $110,120 and projects a 5% increase in job opportunities for human resources experts between now and 2024.

Sports Operations Manager

Sports management is an intriguing career path that many business administration students want to pursue, with a typical annual salary of about $95K. Sports management experts are needed for both the front and back offices of professional sports organizations like the Miami Dolphins and Florida Panthers, both medium-sized companies. In addition, the NASCAR brand, also headquartered in Florida’s Sunshine State, wants to grow beyond the 13 racetracks it already owns and runs.

Professionals in sports management are frequently needed to fill roles at talent management companies, sports marketing organizations, academic programs in schools, and even municipalities.

FNU offers a sports management focus for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program that requires a minimum of 18 credits. Contact one of our academic counselors to learn more about this fascinating career field.

Advertising and Marketing Roles

Advertising Executive: To manage the accounts of clients who want promotional work, you do not need to specialize in marketing or advertising; business professionals are frequently employed for this purpose, and they can also supervise internal marketing initiatives. Vendors of goods, like Ikea or the Rooms to Go furniture chain, must maintain a high level of visibility and competition to reach customers and choose the most effective advertising platforms. Business majors’ organizing and analytical skills are required for this.

Market Research Analyst: An organization can better understand its customers, the items they should be selling, and the best ways to market those products with the expertise of a market research analyst. 8 Surveys are frequently created by market research analysts, who also educate and manage the interviewers. After reviewing the research, management is informed of the findings. Market research analysts are employed by businesses across a range of industries as well as by consulting organizations. 9 The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between now and 2024, employment possibilities for market research analysts will increase by 19%.

Municipal Manager

Modern cities require a significant amount of administration in addition to political action and development, and this is where managers of administrative services are especially needed. Because they must be run like businesses, municipal administration departments frequently have many business degrees. At the municipal, county, and federal levels, bureaucracy is and will always be the engine that powers cities.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is in charge of the sales staff and is also responsible for generating income for the company. A sales manager’s responsibilities include setting sales objectives, reviewing sales statistics, and developing sales training courses for the team members. In addition to predicting revenue, the sales manager evaluates the company’s products and services for their financial sustainability. Sales managers are anticipated to see a 5% increase in employment between 2020 and 2024.

Financial analysts

Data collection, the use of financial models, and the creation of financial advice are all responsibilities of financial analysts. In addition, they have in-depth knowledge of a particular firm or industry and provide presentations describing their investment suggestions for the company.

There are two types of financial analysts: buy-side analysts who do research and provide recommendations for companies that concentrate on mutual funds or pension funds. Sell-side analysts focus on the businesses that look after people’s accounts. They also help the company’s clients make wiser decisions when purchasing or selling equities. Business analyst job prospects are anticipated to improve by 12% between 2020 and 2024.

Business Developer / Business Consultant

Small business owners who wish to take the next step in growth and expansion can either hire a business development consultant as a director or retain their services.

Business developers create and implement plans to aid corporations in expanding their market reach; they might develop new goods and services, form alliances, or venture into uncharted regions. Developers often need MBAs for medium- and enterprise-level organizations and report directly to executive boards.

Business consultants, often known as management consultants, assist businesses in developing ideas to increase productivity. They offer managers guidance on how to boost income and cut costs to make a firm more profitable. In general, management consultants gather data about an issue, create a process for improvement, suggest new organizational structures and changes, and interact with managers to ensure that changes are effective.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2024, employment of management consultants is expected to increase by 14%, which is substantially faster than the national average.

Launching a Business

Consider starting your own business. Starting your own business requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment. However, new enterprises are starting up daily in the age of technology. The development of internet technology has made it simple and quick to launch a new online business. Due to online consumers’ quick and steady rise, eCommerce has become one of the most common paths for young business owners. With the use of eCommerce technologies like the BigCommerce development and design platform, you may quickly launch your business idea.


Obtaining a business administration degree is one of the wisest moves you can make. You have a lot of possibilities, and it’s one of the more straightforward decisions to make. Getting a job cut in any industry, your decision must take into account your preferences.

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