German High Commission Scholarship 2023 (Fully Funded)

The High Commission of Germany Scholarship 2023 is open to students enrolled in various academic levels. Germany is among the few countries in Europe to provide free higher education.

If international applicants want to enrol in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree programs, they need to submit their applications.

International students are welcome to submit applications in any academic field. The German government awards scholarships to more than 100,000 international students each year. Additionally, international students can look for part-time jobs while still attending school. Students may travel throughout Europe with current student visas. The High Commission of Germany Scholarship is currently accepting applications.

The High Commission of Germany Scholarship is currently accepting applications. Read this article slowly and thoroughly to learn everything you need about the High Commission of Germany Scholarship.


Information Regarding Scholarships From The German High Commission 

  • Germany is the host nation.
  • Coverage of the Scholarship: Fully Funded
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s/MPhil, MBA, LLM, and PhD levels of study


Scholarships provided by the German High Commission

DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

The Deutschlandstipendium gives financial assistance to bright, motivated students from all around the world. It offers financial aid to students at all German universities that participate without regard to a person’s citizenship or personal or parental riches. Through a public-private partnership, foundations, enterprises, or private people assist students with a monthly allowance of 150 euros, and the federal government equals that allowance with an extra 150 euros. However, the universities are giving out this prize, and applicants must cling to their institutions’ conditions.

The scholarship is for two semesters, but it may be suitable for as long as the typical study term lasts. For private funding to proceed, the institution must decide after two semesters if the student still satisfies the requirements for the scholarship. You can also access mentoring programs, internships, and networking opportunities through this grant.

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DAAD Scholarship Programs

The German Intellectual Exchange Service, also described as DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), combines German higher education institutions with fostering international academic ties. They encourage educational and research collaboration by issuing scholarships and grants to international undergraduates, graduate students, and scientists working in Germany.


The DAAD offers scholarships to students who plan to pursue a degree in a full-time program of study. Here, candidates must get at least two years of justified job experience and a bachelor’s degree earned in the last six years. In contrast, the monthly salary for the DAAD fellowship for postgraduates, including doctoral students, is 850 euros and 1,200 euros each.


A list of all the available scholarships, as well as a variety of programs offered by various universities, can be found in the DAAD’s database.

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The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

By offering financial aid for academic endeavours, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung scholarship provides an alternative option for promoting social democracy. International applicants pursuing their doctorate at a state- or state-recognized German university of applied sciences are eligible for the fellowship. It is expected that these students would do academically better than average. This is a good alternative for those who work in the humanities, politics, or social sciences.


Even if the course you attend is in English, you must show exceptional German language skills to qualify for this award. Only 40 persons each year from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe will enrol in this funding program; thus, a limited number of spots are available. The monthly reward for scholarship recipients participating in undergraduate programs is 830 euros. Candidates seeking a Master’s degree receive a monthly stipend of 850 euros plus health insurance costs.

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Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships

Every year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation gives about 1,200 scholarships to deserving undergraduate, graduate, along with doctorate students from various fields of study and nations. These students should finish their education at public or generally regarded German universities. In addition, scholarship recipients must have high GPAs, be politically and socially engaged, and have a strong passion for values like self-determination, democracy, and fairness.

In addition to individual stipends, non-EU Masters students will get 850€ per month (tuition fees might be possible). The monthly salary for EU students at the same academic level is 649 euros plus 300 euros for books. It is provided with the option of an additional semester and is given for the standard study term.

On the other hand, PhD students from outside the EU will earn 1,200 euros per month in addition to a 100 euro monthly mobility allowance and other specific allowances (excluding tuition fees). EU-based PhD candidates will get 1,350 euros per month and a 100 euro research costs grant (excluding tuition fees). The award is given for two years, with two optional half-year extensions.

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Erasmus Scholarship Programs

International students who want to enrol in a full-time study program in Germany could also consider Erasmus. As a pan-EU prize funded by the EU’s member states, Erasmus offers financial assistance for one-year exchange periods for international students at German institutions. To be qualified for the scholarship to Germany, you must be enrolled in a higher education program, and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education must have been ratified by both your home university and the German university.

Most of the best universities in the EU participate in the Erasmus program, and German universities are frequently represented in study programs funded by Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ scholarships. The grants will cover the costs of enrollment, travel, and subsistence. The Erasmus catalogue is a comprehensive list of all Master’s level 

courses offered by Erasmus Mundus. In addition, you can look for German-language classes online.

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Government of Germany Scholarships 2023

This scholarship is open to students pursuing full-time Master’s and doctoral degree programs at the best universities in Germany. Studying will take place at prestigious German universities. Several academic fields are available to pursue Master’s/MPhil, MBA, LLM, and PhD degrees. Depending on the specific university, the Master’s degree will take 12 to 24 months, while the PhD will take 36 months.

The Official Announcement for the Scholarship is available HERE.

You may find the most recent list of course and closing dates HERE.


Fully funded IU Germany Scholarships

Students are urged to submit an online application for the IU Germany Fully Funded Scholarships. Scholarship recipients from IU Germany will have their tuition costs reduced by almost 80%.

The International University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-approved university of applied sciences located in Erfurt, Germany. This prestigious college provides scholarship options both online and on campus.

The most comprehensive Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA programs are offered through IU Germany Scholarships. Students can earn 45,000 euros while working and attending school simultaneously.


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Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

Candidates for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship must demonstrate solid political aspirations and superior academic achievement. This scholarship program aims to assist doctorate candidates and overseas students who have completed their undergraduate degrees in their home nations. Students who desire to complete a postgraduate, research, or doctoral program may apply for this award. Students of PhD candidates from developing countries or countries with political transformation will be given preference.

Master’s and postgraduate students will receive 850 euros monthly for two years. In addition, each doctoral candidate will receive 1,100 euros each month for three years and research visitors to Germany. The only courses that qualify for tuition reimbursement of up to 500 euros each semester must be those related to the study or doctoral thesis. To improve links between the home countries and the Federal Republic of Germany, these scholarships foster international networking and cross-cultural encounters.


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Why Study in Germany

  • Most institutions offer free tuition education (and meagre charges in others).
  • Knowledgeable professionals provide world-class instruction.
  • There are several academic courses to choose from.
  • A fascinating place to see with a rich past.
  • Global student diversity and cultural variety.
  • Learn to speak both German and English.
  • There are countless employment prospects in Germany once you graduate.
  • You don’t need to speak German to learn any subject; you can do everything in English.
  • The average monthly cost of living in Germany is between 720 and 850 euros, which includes rent, food, transportation, health insurance, phone and internet service, study materials, and extracurricular activities.
  • The opportunity to reside in and travel around one of the world’s most advanced nations, with its unique culture, history, and scenery.


Great chances exist thanks to these scholarships. The grant helps the person advance intellectually while also paying for a large portion of their tuition.

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