Top Travel Agencies in Nigeria

Travel Agencies in Nigeria

Have you ever undergone the lengthy application process for a visa in Nigeria to have it ultimately denied? Or you had to travel and spend hours online attempting to make bookings at reputable hotels, only to find out when you got there that your reservation had fallen through.

It’s possible that you were duped by dishonest travel agents when looking for a travel agency.

Or perhaps you haven’t made the long-awaited travel arrangements since you don’t have enough time to handle everything.

In any event, everyone needs a travel agency or, at the very least, knows someone who does. Even when you possess the essential abilities, it lacks a polished appearance. Even apparently unimportant details, such as having someone welcome you at the airport and ensuring you check in at your hotel, may have a tremendous influence.


And for this reason, you should be able to name a few trustworthy travel agents off the top of your head. The top travel agents in Nigeria that can handle all the logistics of your trip are listed in this post.

Due to the connections these agencies have made over the years, they may save you a ton of money on your travel costs, including flights, hotels, and other charges. They also make sure that you don’t get lost, even if you are traveling to a new nation.

The agencies on this list are all members of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies, the Corporate Affairs Commission, and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. They have all established a solid name for themselves over time.

Touchdowns Travels Limited

The official GlobalStar agent in Nigeria is Touchdown Travels Limited. Despite having an IATA license since 1993, it didn’t begin representing GlobalStar until 2012.


The agency provides services for making reservations and booking flights, as well as planning excursions and vacation itineraries.

Mr. Dayo Adeola, the agency’s CEO/Managing Director, founded the business. It is a member of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), and from employing just two people, it has expanded to house nearly fifty, solidifying its position as one of the leading travel agencies in the business.

Regarding market share, Touchdown is considered the leading agency and has received several awards from most of the nation’s operational airlines and organizations in the sector.

The travel firm, which has its headquarters in Lagos, operates travel offices (outposts) inside certain blue-chip corporations that are staffed by its employees. Abuja is also home to a branch of it.


Quantum Travels

The third-largest travel management firm in the world, BCD Travel, is represented in Nigeria by Quantum Travels, one of the top travel agencies in the nation.

The firm has the benefit of serving customers’ travel requirements throughout 97 nations because of its global presence.

Although its other services include making bookings for flights and hotels, arranging for passports and visas, and renting out vehicles, business travel management is where it is best known.

This company is one of the top five in terms of monthly ticket bookings in Nigeria, where it also has a sizable portion of the market.

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In 2008, Wakanow became the first travel website to go live. Former professional basketball player Obinna Ekezie, the company’s creator, ran things until Adebayo Adedeji took over as CEO in 2019.

The firm did not waste any time in snatching up a sizable market share and, at one point, was said to own around 10% of the market share. The company’s IATA code is 59-211806, and its NANTA code is ZTN/NANTA/LOS/08-821. It now has the third-highest number of flight reservations in the nation.

The company provides a variety of travel services, including airplane booking, hotel bookings, custom vacation packages, visa help, and travel finance. The business also provides financing options with flexible travel payment schedules, allowing customers to pay 25% upfront and schedule the remaining installments.

Regular discounts and incentive programs have also helped the business draw in more clients. Customers are now paid for suggesting new clients to the business thanks to a recent incentive program.


Clients may book a visual tour of their preferred location with a Wakanow agent using the agency’s new video-selling tool, which was just released.

The business has added new deferred payment alternatives named “Tourism now, pay later” in an effort to promote travel in the wake of the epidemic.

FlinchGlow Travels

Mr. Bankole Bernard, the current NANTA president, who is still the CEO of the company, created FlinchGlow Travels in 2002.

Although FlinchGlow also caters to customers’ demands for personal and corporate travel, it is a partner with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) and provides some of the top services in the travel sector.


The ability of FlinchGlow to negotiate favorable hotel prices in desirable locations and organize trips for its clients is another area of pride. It has one of the top five market shares and sells a sizable number of tickets each month.

Dees Travels and Tours Limited

In 2000, Dees Travels & Tours Limited was established, and that same year, it also became an IATA member. It covers travel arrangements for individual and group trips, visa application, travel insurance, hotel bookings internationally, chauffeur/car hiring, and protocol services at airports, in addition to arranging domestic and international flights.

The agency ranks fifth in terms of market share and monthly ticket sales, per statistics from airline operators.

Business Travel Management Limited

This company is a part of the GHI Assets Ltd. group and operates under a number of identities, including HRG Nigeria, Rwandair, Sky Logistics, and Emirates Holidays. It was formed in 1998 and granted IATA accreditation at the same time. It specializes in full-service corporate travel management, business travel logistics, and corporate service.


The organization is accredited by IATA and recognized by various oversight agencies. BTM Limited has asserted its own position in the Nigerian travel industry by using the names that fall within the company.


Another well-known internet travel firm, Travelstart, is based in Cape Town and has operations all throughout Africa.

Customers may use the web platform to organize their schedule for a holiday or business trip, as well as book flights throughout all of Africa and other continents. Along with making airline arrangements, the firm also makes hotel and rental car arrangements that are affordable for the traveler.

Processing of visas and travel insurance is also handled by Travelstart. Stephan Ekbergh created it in Sweden, but since then, it has expanded operations to Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Egypt, Kenya, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and even Turkey, where it does business under the Geziko brand.


Utilizing its global network and recognized brand all over the continent, Travelstart has also gotten a piece of the Nigerian market.

Rewards Travels and Tours Limited

Over the past two decades, Rewards Travels & Tours has solidified its position in the market. The company offers trip planning, itinerary management, tourism, and business travel services.

It was created in 1999 and today has a network of branches spread out across the country’s major cities, along with reputable partners in the international travel sector. The company offers hotel, rental car, cruise, and charter booking services in a number of nations.

Clients have access to both domestic and foreign flights thanks to its IATA accreditation.


City Travels and Tours

If the majority of your vacation will be for tourism, City Travels & Tours is one of the travel agencies you should take into account. The business provides travel services, including reservations and bookings for vacations, cruises, consultations on destinations, and lodging options.

The organisation has a solid network with key stakeholders in the continent-wide tourist sector and is registered with both NANTA and IATA. Among the more than 1500 licensed travel agencies in the nation, City Travels & Tours is frequently rated in the top 10.

Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited

The agency collaborates with practically all airlines in Nigeria and overseas and provides consumers with exceptional services. Afriqiyah Airways, Air France, Egypt Air, Bellview Airlines Ltd., British Airways, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways, KLM, and Lufthansa are partners of Mayfair Travel Nigeria Limited. Among others, there are South African Airways, Royal Air Maroc, German Airlines, and Qatar Airlines.

Zenith Travels and Tours Limited

One of the top tour operators in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa is Zenith Travels and Tours Limited. It was founded in 1998 in Lagos, Nigeria. The knowledgeable, resourceful, and creative personnel of Zenith Travels and Tours Limited will win your heart.


Jolie Global Travels and Tours Limited

You can quickly compare hotels, resorts, property managers, and other service providers, thanks to the agency. Please be aware that Jolie Global Travels & Tours Ltd. does not provide visas; instead, embassies and consulates handle this business exclusively. Jolie Global offers the following services: Event planning, immigration, and visa services. Booking hotels and resorts, booking flights, buying plane tickets, getting travel documents, getting a COVID-19 PCR test, getting travel insurance, and purchasing Jolie gift cards are all examples of travel-related services.

Aeroport Travels and Tours Limited

This is a complete travel management organization with offices in Lagos, Nigeria. With years of extensive expertise, Aeroport Travels and Tours Ltd. is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible travel services. There are travel packages to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Miami and Austin in the United States, Nairobi in Kenya, and Zanzibar in Tanzania. The following are some of the services offered by Aeroport Travel and Tours: Visa assistance and advice, Hotel reservations, business/corporate travel, airport etiquette (pre-check-in, luggage handling, customs, and immigration requirements), and educational tours/excursions.



Using travel agencies in Nigeria makes taking a vacation abroad simpler. Any travel agency’s primary responsibility is to assist you in making your travel arrangements as simple and comfortable as possible. They will help you save time and provide the information you need for your journey.

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