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Account job available in Dubai


Account job available in Dubai

An organisation cannot function without an accountant. They give an organization’s management crucial financial information.We are recruiting account personnel for an accounting job in Dubai to check and make ready the financial records of an organization. To ensure the payment of taxes at the appropriate time and verify the documents. And also, guarantee that the financial records of the organization are smoothly run.Responsibilities: Check financial statements to make absolute preciseness Guarantee the account complies with the law  Calculate the taxes owed, get the tax returns ready, and make sure of swift payment Keep up with what is most recent with the account book and account system Advise the organization on best-practices in the accounting field Propose the best measures in cost-management,

Leading international partner in the shipping and energy industries, Monjasa is a firm believer in advancing personal business. By posing unique problems to the status quo, we hope to excite our business partners and establish ourselves as the go-to option. Therefore, we are searching for a colleague who shares Monjasa’s values and who can establish strong bonds with people both inside and outside the company.

Joining our team of 11 committed and seasoned finance experts, who handle a variety of accounting-related responsibilities, will be your new role as an accountant. On a daily basis, you thrive in an ambitious and international environment, and it is thus crucial that you are used to working independently under high levels of responsibility. This position also reports locally to the Finance Director

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